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Bridging recruitment automation and applicant tracking.
By Sonal C Shah, President, Northwest Software, Inc.
Imagine an enterprise web based recruitment automation product that automatically finds the best candidates once a job (in any discipline) is posted and without any further manual intervention! Now imagine that such automation is uniquely intergated with todayís applicant tracking systems, therefore creating the whole new dimention in the enterprise human capital acquisition systems. Such a system is desirable in a soft market when critical considerations include reduction of total cost and doing more for less. Such a system is also desirable in growing markets as the opportunity cost of losing good candidates to the competition and speed of execution become even more critical factors.

Current recruitment process The traditional recruiting market is quite inefficient, costing up to 50% of an annual salary to fill a position and often taking 30 to 180 days. Conventional methods -- print advertising, job fairs, on-campus recruiting, internal referral programs, and headhunters -- are complex, time-consuming, and costly.

Online recruiting offers many opportunities to reduce cost-per-hire and time-to-hire by streamlining the recruiting process and providing real-time interaction between parties. Most companies turning to e-recruiting quickly get bogged down in the e-resume mess. A recent report by InterBizNet estimates 100 million resumes are listed. Job portals generate heavy traffic, causing bottlenecks for employers forced to deal with a flood of unqualified applicants. Organizations are finding it difficult to justify high job portal subscription prices (which is increasing exponentially year after year), as they still need to spend a lot of manual effort to weed out the interested, best qualified, and available candidates.

Active job seekers who have posted their resumes on job sites represent only a portion of the qualified pool of candidates. In addition, professional recruiters seek out passive candidates, who may not post their resumes because they tend to be higher quality talent who know they are in demand. A challenge for corporate recruiters is to constantly network and build a brand identity with as many passive candidates as possible. Companies spend millions of dollars for recruiting and advertising campaigns for their full-time positions to reinforce their branding. A large internal database, with millions of active and passive candidates, is created as a result. In addition to these internal sources of active and passive candidates, professional recruiters search in one or more external resume sources on the Internet including:

* Leading subscription-based job portals (e.g., monster.com, careerbuilder.com, hotjobs.com, dice.com, etc.)
* Directemployers.com -- a new site sponsored by major corporations in response to escalating costs for subscription-based portals
* Trade association sites for niche skills (e.g., such as oregonworks.org, napm.org, etc.)
* Unemployment sites listing individuals collecting unemployment benefits (see ajb.org)
* Popular resume newsgroups (e.g., misc.jobs.resumes)
* Search engines listing resumes for senior individuals on their own sites (e.g., yahoo, google, etc.)
* Diversity sites (e.g., diversityinc.com, etc.)

Solid Honor for Oregonís Software Industry
Sonal Shah, President, Northwest Software, Inc. named Oregon Small Business Person

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