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Testimonials -

"HP has selected NSI for many projects. We value NSI’s flexibility. HP is impressed with NSI’s technical staff who understand our needs well, adapt to our environment quickly, and produce solid results.”
Paul Winn

“There are times when I submitted requirements and they (NSI) responded within an hour with qualified resumes. This is INCREDIBLE”
Excerpted from performance evaluation of NSI
Fortune 1000 Company

“EZRecruit allows us to take internet resume recruiting to the next level. Rather than cold calling a list of resumes, we have a top-notch tool that pre-screens and pre-approaches candidates with just a few clicks of a button, enabling us to talk to potential recruits who have expressed interest in at least finding out more about our program. Bottom line, we save money and time on the front end of the process, talk with more interested candidates, book more interview appointments, and have a higher closing ratio due to greater interest level and better quality candidates. Thank you again for working with us to make sure we get the most out of EZRecruit.”
Ron Wheat,
Manager, Fortune 1000 Company

Making the Fast 50 is an impressive accomplishment, particularly in uncertain economic times, and we at Deloitte & Touche congratulate Northwest Software, Inc. for attaining this honor
Todd Lindsey,
Partner, Deloitte & Touche

Northwest Software, Inc., has been selected as a finalist based on excellent performance as a service provider, strong management, and having a positive affect on the economy through job creation and helping other entrepreneurs. We look forward to announcing the winners on Sept. 5th at the Oregon Convention Center.
Linda Weston,
Executive Director, Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum

“I have worked exclusively with NSI for over three years and am impressed by the quality of their consultants, their response times and their ability to rapidly address any issues. I recommend NSI without reservation.”."
Dave Pease
ADP Dealer Services

As I began my job search, I contacted numerous consulting companies about possible employment opportunities. In all cases, after the initial interview I never heard from them unless I made the effort to contact my employment specialist. Northwest Software was the exception to this rule. First, their EZRecruit technology is impressive. They have developed patented technology (EZRecruit) to quickly match me with the the best position. Their recruiters also stay in touch with me, especially after a match is found. Their professionalism and commitment to find me the right job were impressive and refreshing.
Gary Johnson

“I have worked for many organizations and NSI is by far the most professional. They pay attention to what the client needs and try to present my experience appropriately. This increases the “hit ratio” and reduces my bench time.”
Gordon Tackett

Last year I realized 12 career files. Six of them came from EZRecruit.
Doug Harness,
District Manager, Farmers Insurance

“NSI presented me an opportunity at HP that was hard to refuse. The company was very open in its communications with me. I enjoy working on my current project as well as for NSI. They pay promptly.”
Judy Jury

"NSI has provided me challenging opportunities to work at Intel and The company treats me fairly and with respect. “
Julian Emerson

“I was impressed with the open and honest communication between NSI and me. NSI has placed me at the United States Department of Agriculture and I am really happy there.”
Troy Parke

Northwest Software was one of many excellent nominees for the ’Supplier of the Year 2003’ award. An independent awards committee chose Northwest Software primarily because of its innovations in the staffing industry, its 24-year track record, and its steady growth.
Victor Valdez,
Executive Director, Northwest Minority Business Council

“I moved from another IT Consulting company to NSI about 3 years ago because of some good things I had heard. My experience with NSI has been so positive that I will stay with NSI as long as I am consulting.”
Vijaya Lakshmi

"Our use of EZRecruit has quickly resulted in several excellent leads with minimum effort by my recruiter. We have been more than satisfied, and have referred EZRecruit to other District Offices".
Doug Harness,
Fortune 1000 Insurance Company

NSI is a premier software company because of its technological innovation and exceptional talent. The company has survived economic downturns by deepening relationships with current customers and creating new ones. Under Ms. Shah’s leadership, NSI has been nominated as the Top 50/100 fastest growing companies in Oregon across all industries for the last consecutive six years
Phil Gentry,
Portland District Director, US Small Business Administration

"I successfully outsourced many software and documentation projects to NSI. NSI understood our needs well, and quickly responded with solutions within our budget, schedule, and quality restraints. On one project, NSI’s engineer started in less than 24 hours, developed a thorough test plan, and implemented over 1,000 test cases in a few weeks. NSI delivered ahead of schedule and provided a major contribution to the project’s success."
Miles Lewitt
Vice President of Engineering, ADP Dealer Services

With EZRecruit I have selected four agent candidates in a month and have several pending interviews. EZRecruit has increased our throughput of interested, available and qualified agent candidates, while increasing my office’s productivity. EZRecruit makes for an excellent return on investment. I am so pleased with EZRecruit that I am eagerly advocating EZRecruit to my fellow District Managers across the country.
Armando Fernandes,
Two Times District Manager of the Year

"NSI pays attention to what the client needs and presents my experience appropriately”
David Currier

“NSI networked with me for over six months before I decided to quit my previous employer in order to join NSI. They pay well and address my needs effectively.”
Fred Ghaffari

Today (May 6th) is our first day to use the system and I received the best qualified prospect I have ever had. We have an appointment Thursday morning May 8th. I am sure we will be submitting a pending file on this very qualified individual. Thank God I found you guys through DM Dave Engel. You may use my name as a testimonial anytime.”
Ron Wheat,
Farmers Insurance

“EZRecruit saves us time and money. We are able to talk with more interested candidates, book more interview appointments, and have a higher closing ratio due to greater interest level and better quality candidates. I recommend EZRecruit to anyone who who wants to improve the volume and quality of their hires.”
Dave Engel,
Manager, Fortune 1000 Financial Services Company

"We selected NSI to develop software for our new instrument. NSI’s engineer was quickly able to take a loosely specified concept, add his own ideas, then fully specify, design, code and test the software. NSI delivered quality results in record time. I will not hesitate to use NSI’s services again.”
Josef Mader
Engineering Manager, Tektronix
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