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Choosing NSI

Founded in 1988, NSI has set the standard for attracting and retaining the best Professionals in the business. As a NSI candidate (either consultant or direct-hire), we will enhance your career by:

Providing you access to the Fortune 1000 companies and small businesses that have the opportunities you want. For more than two decades, NSI has developed working relationships with the national businesses to support their staffing needs. Since our clients count on us to bring them qualified talent, we are able to market your skills to a variety of prospective employers.

Assigning you to a professional recruiter to assist you throughout your job search. During this process you can expect courteous treatment focused on determining your requirements and career goals.

Matching your needs to our client's requirements in an effort to find the "perfect fit".

Giving our recruiters will provide you with all of the information regarding who the client is, detailed descriptions of responsibilities, pay ranges, and expected contract lengths, before asking for submitting you. Additionally, when being submitted to large organizations, the job identification number or manager's name will be freely given.

Coaching you on proper interviewing techniques prior to the client interview. After the interview, your recruiter will "debrief" with you—gathering your input and providing feedback from the client.

Choosing contracting firms to partner with is an investment of your time. When chosen, they are an investment in your future. NSI is dedicated to providing first class customer service and support to our employees and contractors. Please see below for Contracting FAQs.

What is Consulting or Contracting?

Contract consultants are hired by companies, on an hourly basis, to use their skills for a specific project or for a set period of time - usually the time it takes to complete the project. Upon completion of the project, the contractor may be released to seek other opportunities. Consultants are paid for each hour that they work. In addition to highly competitive pay rates, benefits are available to contractors that work with NSI. Although the earning potential could be higher, it is important to consider potential downtime between assignments. Clearly, "job stability" for direct-hire employees is decreasing. Recent corporate and dot.com layoffs prove that not all "permanent" jobs are permanent. As a consultant, "career stability" is achieved through the advancement of technical skills, industry experience, reputation, and knowledge.

What should I look for when working with a consulting firm?

As a consultant, the challenge of securing your next assignment can be overwhelming. Improving your exposure to potential contract opportunities decreases the risk of unwanted downtime. Professional staffing firms have the network and infrastructure to make smooth transitions between assignments.

Your first indication whether you should partner with a contracting firm is the screening process.

  • Are you treated professionally?
  • Do they invest in innovation to increase the match between you and the job?
  • Are you treated as a person?
  • Do the opportunities match your skill set?
  • Are you given full information about the position?
You should be told who the client is, detailed descriptions of responsibilities, pay ranges, and expected contract lengths. Additionally you should insist that you be informed before your qualifications are submitted to a client. When being submitted to large organizations, the job identification number or manager's name should be requested, and freely given.

When selecting consulting firms that will best meet your long-term needs, you also should seek the answers to several key issues:
  • What is the agency's track record?
  • Does the agency invest in staffing innovation?
  • What is their customer base?
  • Do they specialize in industries that match your skills?
  • What is their commitment to quality?
  • Are you fully briefed on the client prior to an interview?
  • Can they provide employment opportunities geographically suited to your needs?

What skills are companies looking for?

In recent surveys among our many clients the need for "soft skills" are frequently emphasized. Proficient technical skills are important but the ability to communicate, be a team player, and understand customer needs, will set you apart from other contractors.

Employee Benefits

The management of Northwest Software is committed to providing a benefits program that enriches the employee's career with the company. Below are benefits you can enjoy:

Direct Deposit

No need to drive to the bank or wait for your funds. NSI Employees are eligible for direct deposit.

Paperlesss Payroll System

We are pleased to announce ADP iPayStatements, a new benefit for all employees. Through ADP, our payroll provider, we are able to offer you access to your earnings statements and W2 forms 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

(The information given above is a summary only and is subject to change at any time as we are constantly seeking ways to enrich and expand the benefits we offer)

Interview Tips

Interviewing Resources

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