EZRecruit.com now includes automated access to hundreds of free resume sites
As a professional online recruiting tool, EZRecruit provides a central resume sourcing and candidate management tool, as well as a full suite of customizeable pre-screening systems. EZRecruit supports multiple input-sources for candidate resumes such as automated sourcing from resume boards, semi-automated sourcing, and a per-customer resume email box.. EZRecruit relieves the time involved in finding & contacting candidates, allowing recruiters to spend more time focusing on generating candidate relationships.

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Dateline: October 27, 2004 - Beaverton, OR
Contact Name: Chetan Shah
Contact Phone: 503-645-3030
Email: chetan@nwsi.com
Beaverton, OR - October 27, 2004 – As an innovative web-based recruiting suite, EZRecruit.com introduces bundled automated access to hundreds of free resume boards, search engines, and college recruiting sites. By adding this feature, EZRecruit strives to continue to provide its customers with an unprecedented number of resume sources while reducing the time and cost involved in manually searching through each source.

Background: Corporate recruiting and staffing can be a laborious and time-intensive process, with the main focus of time spent on finding qualified candidate-resumes. Since the majority of recruiting is now done over the web, recruiters must sift through thousands of resumes from many different online sources one-by-one, contacting each candidate individually. While a standard Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps recruiters organize the resulting candidate applications and job postings, the initial search remains time-consuming. In addition to integrating several paid-resume sites using EZRecruit’s Manual Search interface, EZRecruit now continues to lessen the search-burden on recruiters by automating such searches across hundreds of free resume sites.

The new addition of automated sourcing from free resume boards allows EZRecruit customers access to an even larger base of available candidates wihout any large increase in sourcing time. In addition to general resume sites, EZRecruit customers now will also have automated access to various online communities, companies & organizational websites, college sites, business news sites, etc. What’s involved in searching through all these sites? Users only have to update the search parameters used to trigger a search, and the system takes care of the rest (downloading, emailing, and screening).

Dave Engel, a Farmers District Manager in Southern California wrote us regarding EZRecruit: "I have six career files this year, four of which came from EZRecruit. In addition, I have many EZRecruit candidates in my pending and reserve pool. I expect several more career files before the year is up. I am so pleased with EZRecruit that I am eagerly advocating EZRecruit to my fellow District Managers across the country."

To illustrate your potential success using EZRecruit, read this quote from Scott Nielsen, a State Sales Coordinator in Oregon: "Thanks to EZRecruit, in the fourth quarter of 2003 our state operation moved to the top position within the Pacific Territory. This year, we consistently remain on-top each quarter."
Headquartered in Beaverton, OR, Northwest Software and EZRecruit.com continually strive to streamline the entire recruiting lifecycle.

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