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Project Solutions -

Your Partners in Providing Information Technology Solutions via Staff Augmentation, and Turn-Key Project Solutions. We can provide consultants or implement complete projects for the following:

E-Business Services/Solutions

 Solution #1
Challenge: Corporate Recruiters are currently faced with the time-consuming and cumbersome task of searching paid (e.g. monster.com, hotjobs.com, etc.) and free sites to find suitable candidates. One client wanted an end-to-end e-recruitment site that automates all manual functions to enhance recruitment productivity and lower costs. The site had to be an ASP application that could be easily integrated with any employer’s site.
Solution: NSI developed the requirements, analyzed them, conducted usability testing and provided project management. NSI had 25 people working on this project. Total project scope is about 10 person-years.
Benefits: Recruiting can be done very Effectively with non-technical staff – and fewer of them. The client’s recruiting service functions 24 hours day, 7 days a week, while recruiting staff work only standard hours. Qualified, well-screened and available people can be found with only 20% of the work – and without the piles of resumes.

 Solution #2
Challenge: Client found it expensive and time consuming trying to monitor their goods and transportation throughout different locations.
Solution: Our company came up with a unique and simple solution to allow cross company monitoring of the goods and transportation routes. We suggested and implemented an intranet based tracking solution that used e-business components. The technologies used for implementing this solution included server side Java servlets, EJB components and back end oracle database servers.
Benefit: The Client could effectively use their new intranet tool to monitor their goods and transportation effectively saving $.5 million usually used to document, track, and consolidate this information.


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