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We at Northwest Software Inc have extensive experience with the city, state, and federal government agencies providing service from requirements definition through to deployment and delivering the best solutions. We provide services both directly and as a subcontractor to leading contractors over the last 25 years working to completed decade long, multi-million dollar projects with several fortune 500 companies, government, state and city agencies of defense, civilian, energy, healthcare and security.

Wide Area Network and Telecommunication Support [DACW57-95-C-0047]

Contracting Activity: Department of Defense Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District

Duration: 5 years 1995-2000

Description of the Effort: NSI provided Wide Area Network (WAN) and telecommunication support to the Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers, Western Processing Center (WPC). NSI provided network monitoring and management support for the Corps-wide data network. NSI operated this network control facility. Monitored the Corps-wide communications network using various network management tools. Used knowledge of Wide area networking, observed network health and take proactive actions to identify network faults and effect repair. Diagnosed problems associated with wide area network devices using knowledge of telephone networks, digital circuits, routing protocols, large-scale computer sales. Used skills in troubleshooting, determined how to correct the problem or forward the problem to a maintenance contractor as appropriate. Configured and managed network management software systems as it relates to day-to-day troubleshooting. This includes adding circuits, devices, notes, protocol parameters and other advanced configuration information. Interfaced with the Corps-wide customer base to field questions and resolve local problems. This requires a detailed knowledge of Internet tools. WAN configuration and design issues, configuration and design issues for large LANs (>500 nodes per site). It also requires an understanding of remote circuits and access methods, PC TCP/IP configurations and UNIX configurations. Assistance will also involve coordinating resolution of problems with users, CEAP customer services, systems administrators, hardware and software vendors, long-haul circuit vendors and coordinating repairs.

Performed communications reconfigurations and installation of systems. Installations shall include hardware, software, and cable installation. At least one shift needs to be covered with task performer(s) that can achieve those installations that may require physical exertion, stopping and crawling in order to install equipment cables. During those times at the network support center that the network is not consuming the task performer's time, the task performer shall be required to perform various tasks related to the network control center. Provide training to operators and hot-line staff covering basic network troubleshooting procedures. Track on-going problems using resolution-tracking system. Access system to ensure tickets are being handled and feedback is being given to customer base. Write SOP's relating to network troubleshooting that will be provided to other network support staff or to customer base for their use in troubleshooting. Provide input to newsletters and other documents that are distributed to Corps-wide customer base.

Assist in the design and development of systems to distribute information to the customer base including configuring changes, helpful hints, statistics, network up-time records and future enhancements to the network. Access various network components to ensure proper configuration parameters and proper traffic levels. Document any information necessary to track future problems. Ensure configuration database contents are correct. Prepare and update network drawings. Assist in the augmentation of the network to include upgrades, migration to new systems and enhancement of network management systems. Knowledge and Skills: Responsible for the routine testing and analysis of all elements of the network facilities (including power, software, communications machinery, lines, modems, and terminals). Monitors and controls the performance and status of the network resources. Utilizes software and hardware tools, identifies and diagnoses problems and factors affecting network performance.

Systems Analysis, Programming and Database Administration and Analysis

Company: United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Services

Duration: 9 years 1995-2004

Description of the Effort: NSI has provided 10+ years with its 2nd "five year" IDIQ contract for providing temporary personnel for Information Technology projects. NSI provides a full spectrum of Project Solutions under task orders for a variety of environments including Database (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, etc.), Operating system platforms (Unix, Windows, Mainframe). Services provided include System Design, Analysis, Project Management, Data Warehousing, Database Design and Analysis, Data Migration, Software Testing and validation, maintenance, system administration, database support and development, business analysis, application programming, systems engineering. Technical Performance: NSI has provided Java programming professional for various projects. Additionally,NSI effectively addressed various needs for IT professionals in a responsive manner. Management Performance: As Prime Contractor, NSI has successfully managed the services tasks. NSI is required to manage large, on-going tasks, while also handling quick-turnaround requests. NSI has demonstrated that it can effectively manage both product content and process innovation in support of the clients.

State of Oregon [5488-PA]

Type: Staff Augmentation and Project Based

Duration: Ongoing 2004-Current

Description of the Effort: NSI has a contract in place with the State of Oregon to provide Temporary Personnel Services contract and consulting. The scope of the projects includes: Engineering, Business Analysis, Project Management and Coordination, maintaining project plans, work processes, and test planning. Also ensuring business participation and representation. Administrative Tasks like establishing and maintaining assigned project and program files, confidential files, filing, archiving and retrieving information from files and electronic records.

Relevancy: Demonstrates experience with providing Temporary Staffing for several labor categories including project management and several engineer positions. Technical Performance: NSI’s customer has been extremely happy with the quality of output of NSI consultants. Management Performance: NSI effectively assessed the project requirements and provided solutions and consultants that provided high impact contribution to projects.

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