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What Makes us Special

  • Excellent sourcing and recruiting ability: Our top Talent Acquisition Specialist focus on strong communication and relationship to attract and retain top talent; further they are complemented with our patented technology that source and recruit best consultants

  • Highest quality service,this is achieved by establishing quality assurance processes and complying with Quality ISO 9000 and CMM4 processes

  • Sustained value: Achieved by deploying patented technology that delivers a quality addressing your needs faster Our innovation enables to address high volume capacity and address diverse needs.

NSI Strengths:

NSI’s Strength on staffing needs NSI holds our own developed Product EzRecruit [EZRecruit™ goes beyond applicant tracking with a comprehensive candidate identification, acquisition, and communication solution -- streamlining the entire recruiting process. Running continuously, EZRecruit™ provides powerful posting, sourcing, tracking, communication, and reporting tools. Using this application, hiring managers, recruiters, and external vendors can build and maintain strong relationships, tracking their success the whole way], which has 22 million resumes available exclusively for us and our clientele.

EzRecruit has artificial intelligence-based implementation which generates job -based questionnaire and help filter quality candidates quickly. In a day EZRecruit can handle more than 5 Million resumes, where it will rank the resumes based on search and filters provided automatically which helps recruiter swiftly to pick handful of quality profiles. Upon client request NSI will be able to provide top 5-10 of overall filtered candidates with an overall success rate of 95%.

NSI’s Value Proposition

NSI’s Value Proposition

Our customers will receive high impact contribution and the benefits from NSI because of its established recruiting practices, market intelligence, and patented technology. We make sure to provide lower costs, excellent sourcing, quality response, unparalleled capacity and diverse needs.

  • Lower Cost: CUSTOMER will experience lower cost of contractors and consultants. This is achieved because NSI’s patented technology, EZRecruit processes to find the best value candidate for the requirements, not just the first available candidate. With knowledge of many consultants in the field, we can stay within cost constraints.

  • Excellent Sourcing and Recruiting Ability: CUSTOMER managers will receive responses within 4 hours of requisition open. This is achieved once again by our trained recruiters, marketing intelligence, and NSI patented technology. The technology provides faster and quality response as a result of our 24x7 basis candidate sourcing and screening (we work non-stop); Response at the speed of internet as it is humanly impossible to contact hundreds of matching candidates within minutes; Additionally, the in-house recruiters will focus on communication and relationship building to attract and retain best talent.

  • Quality Response:CUSTOMER will realize a quality workforce because NSI’s processes are established to provide consistent, deep, job-specific, general and technical screening of all candidates. The hiring manager can define exactly the minimal experience and skills s/he desires, and our system will work hard to meet and exceed this requirement ontinuously.

  • Unparalleled Capacity:CUSTOMER may have small or high volume of requisitions open. NSI can effectively compete nationwide with several larger and high-volume competitors because of NSI’s technology essentially provide a virtual recruiter for all the requisitions open. There virtual recruiters free our human resources to engage in more value-added tasks such as networking and hiring the right skills and having the system to repetitive administrative tasks.

  • Diverse Needs:Our recruiting technology is highly scalable to source and recruit resources of diverse labor categories and needs. The system uses artificial intelligence to source qualified candidates of diverse background

Qualified Acquisition

Our project managers and talent acquisition specialists collaborate efficiently with customer to accurately and precisely define customer requirements before sourcing, screening and posting about job vacancies both internally and externally. A relevant talent acquisition specialist group will then perform resume searches from both internal and external databases.

NSI Networks and builds Relationships with Professionals

NSI has recruiting’s “best practices” allowing all stakeholders in the hiring process to focus on important tasks such as building networks and relationships. The technology that NSI uses software that delivers the highest level of support to HR professionals, hiring managers, and both active and passive candidates, while partnering with candidate vendors, contractors and recruiting portals.

Internal and External Job Postings

Upon obtaining requirements from the Port of Portland, NSI will first determine if existing staff is qualified and available to work on specific project(s). If most of the resources are tied up them, it will post the jobs internally and on external sites.

Collaborative Effort with Customers

NSI’s Talent Acquisition Specialist and account manager will closely work with the customer to ensure that its consultant is well suited to perform the task. NSI will proactively get feedback from the customer to ensure the fit. Occasionally, the requirements may be changed, and new candidates submitted to provide the best fit consultant to the customer.

Sort and Rank Consultants for Specific Projects

Once the available and interested candidates are interviewed by NSI Technical Panel, NSI’s Talent Acquisition Specialist ranks them for submitting the best-fit candidate to the customer. Additionally, NSI's technology uses a proprietary algorithm which sorts, and ranks interested, available and qualified people before the screened candidates are referred to the hiring manager.

Technical Screening

NSI Talent Acquisition Specialist are trained to technically qualify candidates by administering certain standards tests for the specific skills required by the customer. Additionally, we pre-populate certain technical standard Tests in our web-based Applicant Tracking System to technically screen and score candidates for specific requirements. Automated Candidate Skill Tests are administered via Email. Interested, Available and Qualified Candidates are scored via a Proprietary Ranking Algorithm.

Reference and Background Check

NSI completes a thorough background check on all candidates hired. In addition, if required NSI uses an outside agency to complete background checks in the areas of – employment history, education, and criminal history, driving record, among others. NSI also hold “secret” clearance, and if required hires people with “top secret clearance”.

Source, Screen and Qualify Qualified Professionals

While the system provides the marketing intelligence and assistance to NSI Talent Acquisition Specialist, it is them who focus on actual communication, relationship building and sourcing and screening the professional candidates. NSI Talen Acquisition Specialist are well trained to search on Subscription and Free Job Boards. All the candidates go through 2 levels of interview and screening, first one is by the EZRecruit system, and the 2nd one by NSI recruiters.

State of the art Technology to hire the best talent

We use EZRecruit, a new Internet-based enterprise solution that automates the entire recruiting process from candidate sourcing to final hiring. EZRecruit’s search function works round the clock to identify qualified people from many different sources, freeing executives and managers. EZRecruit goes beyond applicant tracking with a comprehensive candidate identification, acquisition and communication solution that streamlines the entire recruiting process. Operating continuously 24/7, EZRecruit provides powerful acquisition, communication, tracking and reporting tools that let hiring managers, recruiters, external vendors and candidates build and maintain strong relationships

  • EzRecruit™ was created by human resources professionals with these simple goals in mind: to make recruiting easy, affordable, manageable, and fast.
  • EzRecruit™represents a new generation of recruiting automation that goes far beyond applicant tracking, providing powerful Web-based posting, sourcing, tracking, communication, and reporting tools.
  • EzRecruit™ users are automating their core recruiting programs, reducing recruitment overhead, maximizing recruiter effectiveness, building collaboration between stakeholders, and hiring experienced talent faster than ever before.
  • EzRecruit™ saves time, money, and valuable human resources so you can concentrate more on your core business requirements and less on finding the people you need to grow.
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